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So your goal is to become a full-time fashion blogger. Sounds totally exciting doesn't it? You get to go to fashion shows, write about your favorite styles, gather and promote fashion photos. 
So how would you do this as a business and a full-time income? First you have to choose a bloghost for your website. He's how I started. 

Blog hosting I started out with blogger, a lot of people recommend Wordpress. I tried it and it didn't really work for me. So I decided to just go with blogger which for some reason I got more views to my website than I did using Wordpress. Once I became serious about blogging making it a business I decided I needed to change the url from blogspot to my business name to make it look more professional so I went with bluehost and got it for a great low price.

 It is very simple to set it up. Watch this video to help you get started.

Affiliates- this is a great money maker for your blog, you can choose Affiliate products to review on your fashion blog. I would choose items that you have used before so you can give a true post on how you liked the product. You can even make a Youtube video of it to get more views and a link for them to purchase the product. Make sure not to try to sell the items this will turn people off. Reviews are the best way to go.

Ad Space- For this to happen you would have to pull in lots of traffic. If your website is pulling over 1k and up on a monthly bases you will be able to make money with Ad space. I have worked on Fiverr and done blog mentions for business owners and also offered ad space they of course all asked for my blog stats. If your blog stats are high you can offer ad space and make great money with this alone.

Upwork- Your next income is Upwork. They have companies that need someone to blog for them and help them with their Social Media. You can do this for $10-$20 an hour. This is a great way to get clients on a regular bases. I started out doing this making $20 an hour and made a great income from this and I continue to work with clients on their blogs and Social Media accounts. This alone will bring you a full time income.

Blogging Classes- I know you feel like you may not need this but just think of it as an investment. Learning the basics and more tips than you can learn from just on-line research is a plus. You can make more money by knowing more. I really didn't feel that I needed it being that I took up writing in college but that really has nothing to do with it. to build a blogging business there is so much more you need to know. I would very much advise for you to take some blogging courses.

Blogging is a fun career but it is also hard work, do a lot of research connect with blogs you love to get more help and follow what they do. You can even message some of them on Linkedin to ask what they did to build their blog. Some will be happy to give you advise. Remember your blog is your brand and your business treat it as such! Good luck. 

Tish Baily

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