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To really get your business off the ground you will need a team to help get things rolling in a smooth professional manner. Here is the down fall of doing it all by yourself just to save money. I worked with a lawyer that had over 200 clients which is extreme for one attorney with out help. It saved him tons of money hiring me only but the work was enough to set up a department so a lot of important things slip through the cracks which is not good for a lawyer. He finally decided to hire more people which gave more time to get more clients and make more money. This also left more time to build other services which brings in another income. I'm sure in the beginning it is hard to hire a team because you are on a tight budget. Here is a way to set up a team for a great low price.

Graphic Design
Cartoons, Logo designs, Illustration, book covers, photo shop editing, flyers, posters, business cards,banner ads, Social media designs, presentations and Info-graphics.

Digital Marketing
Web Analytics, Domain research, SEO, Social Media Marketing, web traffic, video advertising, content advertising, email advertising, SEM, Local listings, Influencer Marketing, Mobile advertising.

Writing and Translation
Business copy writing, creative writing, translation, transcription, resume and cover letters, proofreading and editing, press releases, article and blog posts, research and summaries, and legal writing.

Video and Animation
Commercials, editing and post production, animation, 3D, testimonies, reviews, stop motion, Intros, and video greetings.

Music and Audio
Mixing and Mastering, jingles, and drops, voice-overs, sound effects, sessions musicians, producers, singers, and songwriters.

Programming and Tech
Wordpress, website programming, mobile apps, and web, website builders, CMS, convert, eCommerce, user testing, QA, data bases, desktop applications, data analysis and reports, support and it.

Hold your sign, flyers, handouts, human billboards, pet models, outdoor advertising, radio, music promotion, banner advertising.

Business plans, market research, presentations, virtual assistants, business tips, branding services, financial services, and legal services.

Build your team today for a great low price.

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