Hire a Virtual Assistant and make a difference.

This is virtual assistant business is a little different than from the other ones. Apparel 1977 Virtual Assistant company wants to help stay at home moms, dads and the disabled to get jobs from home. Administrative jobs, real jobs. We sat down with the CEO Lisa Morgan and found out the inspiration behind her business.

Thank you for doing this interview with us Lisa. Can you tell us what inspired you to start your Va business?

I am so passionate about this business and the reason is I was a stay at home mom for a short period of time. I applied for customer service jobs from home which claim to be legit yet not one company called me back and I have done call center customer service for 10 years. I would say I was qualified enough for the job. I couldn't find a job and I wanted to stay home with my children. It was scary thinking I would not have a job and I needed to take care of my kids. I felt I could just create a VA business and get a few clients and make $60 an hour from those 3 clients, which is more than what I was making from my last job. But I didn't feel like this was enough, I wanted to help other moms, dads people that can not work, or people that need extra money to pay the bills, whatever the case maybe, I wanted to help them. I teamed up with Tish Baily which is the owner of Apparel 1977 and advised her of my idea, she was excited and said "let's do it!" So we set up a business plan and a mission and here we are.

You are now recruiting business owners that need VA's to join you in this mission to help supply admin jobs to people that want to work from home.

Yes we are contacting business owners and offering our services such as, media advertising, blogging, admin work, social media help, seo for their websites and much more. We will help them cut down their business cost, saving money and they will help a stay at home mom or dad find a job, a real job.

What about your VA's do you have requirements for them to work with your company?

They must have administrative work experience. For the people that want to become a VA and do not have the experience or the know hows of admin work we will be offering free courses to them so they can be prepared to work. Our goal is to leave no on behind.

That sounds great. When will the courses start? and how will it work?

My team and I are still working on the course. It should be ready by next year maybe sooner. We are trying to build an office in Second Life which is a virtual world and have the courses their just like a real class. They will be able to interact with the teacher and their classmates and it's fun. After they finish the course in good standing they will then be placed on a job.

Who do you offer your VA services to?

We offer our services to all business owners. Doctors office, real estate office, online business owners, fashion stores and fashion businesses.

We would like to thank you and wish you great luck with your business.
Thank you

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