How to travel for a low price

Ways to travel for a great price.

If your like me and you don't really get to travel because of the high priced trips and hotels here are a couple of ways to get this started. Spring is here and the summer is coming. First thing to do is check the travel cost. I'm sure you know if you book in advance it is much cheaper. So check cheap flights, jetblue, american airlines, and so on to see which flights and time frames are cheaper. You can also leave from a different town for a cheaper price. I always noticed when I did travel I had to travel from Laguardia airport because it is cheaper than Kennedy airport. So do your homework. Open an account. ING would be the best way to save which is now Capital one 360. Open this account connect it to your checking account it will remove however amount you want from your account once or twice a month. They will even add a certain percentage amount to your balance instead of a regular bank charging you a monthly fee to have the account. Lower your bills. Get rid of a bill. The monthly amount that you pay to that account can go towards the trip. Earn extra money. I work on doing easy job task. You can do this also. There are multiple websites just like I pull in $200-300 USD a month. You can save up for a vacation without it coming from your regular budget! Sell your old items on Ebay, or if you have an old sell phone sell it on At this point you are half way there. You do not have to deprive yourself from your regular spending schedule with this plan Your goal is to find the money from other sources than from the money you already have budgeted out. Great luck people!

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