1. Can you tell us what was the inspiration behind starting your Etsy shop?
We were tired of searching for fashionable, trendy kids clothes. So we set out to create the most incredible online shopping experience we could offer. That's why we only stock items that "wow" us from designers renowned for their creativity and style.

2. What items do you sell?
trendy & whimsical baby & toddler clothes 

3. What are your top selling items?
Birthday Celebration Collection & Baby Love Collection 

4. How do you come up with the designs for your items?
My inspiration is pure cuteness- Ice cream shops candy store designs. 

5. What inspired you to sell your items on Etsy?
I wanted to expand my audience and Etsy is the great place to be, 

6. where can my readers go to shop for your items?
My Etsy shop

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