We are totaly excited to do this interview with Elena Travis of The funky chair. Elena Travis runs a website which imports and sells bar stools to the UK market.  The Funky Chair has recently undergone a re-design and re-launch.  In this interview Elena talks to us about how the business and website started and a bit more about this successful online business.

What is the inspiration behind The Funky Chair?
I was working for another online business, and decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to branch out by myself.  With an interest in interior design, I saw a gap in the market for selling bar stools online.  I didn’t want to just limit myself to bar stools though, and always had plans to sell all sorts of funky looking chairs so wanted a brand name that could encompass all kinds of designs.  The Funky Chair just sort of fitted and I went with it.  Haven’t looked back since!

What type of items do you sell?
We primarily sell bar stools for use in the home.  Over the last few years bar stools have become a staple part of modern kitchen design as you can see from any interior design magazines.  In addition to that we are currently expanding to include contemporary and modern chairs for use in the office.  Essentially if you can sit on it, I will probably sell it!

What are your top selling items?
Our kitchen bar stools are very popular currently.  The new Italian leather ranges are flying out of the warehouse at the moment, as are the older classic wooden styles.  I notice that if a design program on TV shows bar stools, then we tend to get an increase in orders over the following seven days or so.  We list all of the best-selling bar stools on the homepage of The Funky Chair website.

Where is your store located?
We don’t have a physical shop or store.  All of our bar stools are exclusively sold online.  The fact is, you can’t buy many of our items in the shops so that’s why people come to The Funky Chair website for the large and varied range of unusual and hard to find items.

Where do you ship your items?
Absolutely anywhere.  We mainly focus on the United Kingdom market, but have sold bar stools to locations such as Australia and the United States.  If this trend continues then we will probably create multiple currencies on The Funky Chair website to people can view bar stool prices in their local currency.

Can you tell us about the designer bar stool classics?

The Vault Bar Stool in brown is a classic in my eyes.  It has a brown leather seat with brushed metal.  In terms of contemporary design I would say this is definitely my personal favourite.  The Walnut Mesh Chair is another one which I think will stand the test of time for years to come.  

Thank you for this interview, we wish the best of luck with your business. 

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