We are so excited to do this sit down interview with ANNA ROMANENKOVA an creative international hair designer. We are going to get the some insight in Anna's fabulous hairdressing world.....here we go!

1. We are so excited to sit down and do this interview with creative international hair designer Anna Romanenkova. Can you tell us what inspired you to start this career?

I always wanted to go into hairdressing,but i had doubts about whether it was feasible profession to follow.

2. What type of hairstyles do you specialize in?

Im specialized in every part of hairdressing ,but i do know my weak and strong sides.I do love challenge myself,that is why i never say "i can do it"

3. What makes hairdressing such a great career for you?

The possibilities of a hairdressing career are endless but you have to be passionate,stick at it and work incredibly hard for success in return.It offers some amazing opportunities in terms of travel too- potentially you can travel around globe doing something you love.Every day is different,which is why its so enjoyable.

4. What are the top hairstyles for the summer?

Spring/summer 2014 trends is more about romance and appearance ,wet look is on top of the trends.

5. For someone that whats to get into the hairstyling business what advice would you give them to get started?

 Do not give up .you have to be prepared to work hard but the rewards are so worth it.I think its really important to do your research to find a good salon .Dont let your inexperience or lack of confidence get the better of you.Work hard,be passionate.Watch your colleagues for inspiration.Find particular stylist you admire and watch the way they work.Show you are willing to work hard and it will certainly pay off .

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