My trend tracker team has knocked on a couple of doors to get to this hot new online store. We are totally excited to finally sit down and do this interview with Re Con Cri. HERE WE GO!

1. What inspired the idea behind Re Con Cri ?

ReConcri stands for 'Re-Constructive Criticism'. In the beginning stages of ReConCri I was revamping, reconstructing and just completely changing the look of already made pieces. The idea behind ReConCri went from reconstructing apparel to reconstructing the idea of "fashion' into my own, as I began to design my own creations.

2. What are your favorite pieces with ReConCri right now?

My favorite piece right now are the 'All My Sh¡t Dope Tank' and 'Jasmine Tunic'. The 'All My Sh¡t Dope Tank' is an overall fun tank to wear and the 'Jasmine Tunic' can be styled so many different ways.

3. What are your hottest selling items?

The hottest selling items at the moment are the 'Queens Cropped Vest', 'ReConCri Crop Top' and the 'All My Sh¡t Dope Tank'.

4. Can you tell us what type of style is Re Con Cri?

The best words to describe the style of ReConCri would be Afro Punk.

5. Can you give us a summer fashion outfit idea?

One of my summer fashion go-to outfits would be my pleated hi-lo peach tunic with beige high-waist lace shorts and my trusty black ankle booties (shorts and tunic will be available online within next few weeks).

6. You you describe your own fashion sense?

My fashion sense is very laid back with a pinch of afro punk and boho. I absolutely love ankle boots, combat boots and closed toe lace-up wedges. ReConcri is definitely a reflection of my style.

7. Where can my readers go to get your hot fashion 


You can shop for ReConCri from the comfort of your own home or on the go at

Thank you very much for taking the time out to do this interview with us.

Reconcri Social Media:
instagram: reconcriofficial
twitter: reconcridesigns

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