Our next guest is Mark Herre with SEOgame

Since 1996, he has been offering performance based SEO for clients big and small and has a track-record to prove regarding performance first with rankings and payment options.

Performance SEO Means... No contracts, No rank-No pay, No setup Search engine optimization.

Three core services he focuses on are:
1) National Organic or Ecommerce seo
2) Google Places Map Optimization
...optimizing local places map sites to the 1st page for A, B, C rankings: 

Also offering Video SEO

Mark Herre
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SEO is extremely important for business owners, you need this to get your business noticed. Here is a great interview for all business owners do read. Let's get started!

What inspired you to start this business?

In the year 2000 Mark Herre stood before a roomful of fellow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts and made a bold prediction.
“Improving website page rankings,” Mark said, “would be increasingly dependent on an emerging search engine called ‘Google’ and not on building links with spam.”
His colleagues considered Google’s share of the search engine market, only one of many players at the time, and its cartoonish name and laughed Mark out of the room. Nobody laughs at Google today.
Recently Mark shared some of the experience that he has gained in an 18 year career as an SEO expert. He talked about the future of SEO and that entrepreneurs can use Google to improve their rankings in keyword searches.

Lesson number one: If you’re not on the first page of the Google search results you’re not on the internet. Ranking highly in a Google search requires effectively using Google’s applications and playing by their rules.

What types of businesses do you offer your services to?
My business is  about Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing Education at I am focused like a laser on performance based seo for all businesses with websites including weight loss sites and most important fashion sites from the boutique to the celebrity blog sites. Ecommerce websites are also very rewarding once I star working on them including style up shoes to sandals to swimwear. Interesting enough, many of the clients that have ask me to work their ecommerce sites focus on imitation furniture to designer handbags and accessories.

 Jewelry sites are also my specialty and I even own a site called that one day will make me a millionaire.

What types of improvements can you do for business owner sites?

Mark says that using Google+ effectively can influence a local business’s Google Search results for their Map/Placement Listing. An easy way to affect results is to use Google+ reviews. Many businesses attest that having more Google+ reviews will increase their rank in local Google searches sometimes known as zip code optimization.
Businesses with a physical presence who want to improve their local Google search rankings can deploy Google+ in a few simple steps. First, businesses owners must register in Google+; this is a process that anyone with a Gmail account can complete in three minutes or less. Second, businesses must register on Google Places and confirm their address Please click here for instructions. Third, provide exceptional products and services and ask customers for recommendations.
Lots of positive Google+ reviews can help manage a business’s reputation by countering the effects of a bad review.
Lessons from Mark: Managing a business’s online presence is a critical element of success. Today, Google is essential for improving businesses’ page rankings and until that changes, entrepreneurs must understand and abide by the rules that Google dictates for improving page ranking.  Savvy entrepreneurs identify important online tools like Google+ and use them effectively and ethically

Even though promoting a business with Google+ uses high tech search engines and the latest complex algorithms it is based on a concept as old as marketing itself – delight your customers and ask them to spread the word about your business.

What is your main focus when it comes to helping business owners with their business?

First page rankings for all their keywords or they don't pay.
Since 1996, I've been offering performance based SEO for clients and have a track-record to prove
Performance SEO Means... No contracts, No rank-No pay, No setups: Get started TODAY on 21-keywords and then in 21-days pay only when satisfied your rankings are on the top. Watch 1-min. Whiteboard Demo: 

Google Places Map Optimization
Peformance Google Maps Plan:
...optimizing local places map sites to the 1st page for A, B, C rankings: Watch & Learn What Makes Me Different:

Does a business have a video or need one optimized on 1st page of Google?
Video SEO (VSEO) Explained:

Watch & Learn What Makes Me Different:

Where can business owners go to find your service?

if you would like us to add something else please let me know, thank you

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