What inspired you to start this business?

As a seasoned fitness professional with many certifications I have trained top athletes and fitness professionals.  I have also seen the latest fads that come and go. I know what works and know I can help people reach their fitness goals. With a personalized approach I emphasize technique, form, and focus. I also stress proper nutrition. This combined with motivation, results guaranteed.

Can you tell us what types of fitness programs you offer? 

MMAXOUT Fitness is a diverse fitness program. Although the roots of the program are based on mixed martial arts we cater to the public with varying degrees in experience.We are constantly changes and expanding available programs.

 I see on your website that you have a program for someone that would like to become a personal trainer. Can you give us a little information on that program? 

Initial certification is a jammed packed 2-day course of intense learning. The MMAXOUT Program and Concepts are reviewed. Each format (intense, lean, rep-out, interval) is reviewed in comprehensive detail. Once you demonstrate understanding you move on to hands on portion of certification. Instructors help you, guide you and challenge you to reach your certification goal.

After initial certification, you are required to submit 3 months of complete workouts by the end of the year. The workouts must include detailed explanations of what you are teaching. After your first year is up you will have to be re certified.

 Once you complete the re-certification process, your diploma is valid for 2 years. You are then required to recertify to maintain MMAXOUT Personal Trainer credentials. This process keeps MMAXOUT Trainers ahead of the game with new materials and ever changing workouts.
MMAXOUT is the difference in training. We strive to eliminate failure and enhance your success.  You are held to a higher standard in the fitness community.

How many locations are teaching the MMAXOUT Fitness Program? Over 100 World Wide

To start the fitness program or train to become a personal trainer where can my readers go to do this?

Phone: 484 269 7725

In addition to above we also offer weekly on-line workouts.

MMAXOUT Fitness Licensing Ownership opportunities with complete consulting services.

Complete line of MMAXOUT Fitness Apparel and Equipment.

Online fitness videos and DVD’s

Bruce (Fit Boss) Drogo
High Performance Trainer 

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