Hello all, I love doing interviews with new designers and learning about fashion and style for all. Here is my interview with Loafer co. 

APPAREL1977- What inspired you to start this online clothing line?
LOAFER CO- I needed to replace one of two essential items in my wardrobe, a Leather Belt and a couple of Tee's - I also had a need for a small bag to take to meetings but it just needed to hold my note book and an iPad.

I am quite fussy about quality and realized that to replace these would mean shopping around to find the different qualities in each product that I required.

Also I knew that these items could be made better, for example I couldn't find a belt the right width for my jeans that was thick and high quality - whilst at the same time having a classic nickel buckle and be soft leather.

APPAREL1977- what items do you sell?
LOAFER CO- At present - Beanie Hats | Men and Women's Tee's

However we are just starting out and are developing the products I mentioned before - The plan is to create a range of 'Your favorite' things. Meaning high quality clothing and accessories that you will love.

Beanie Hats

Apparel1977- Where is your company based out of?
LOAFER CO- Our company is based out of Hertfordshire in the UK.

APPAREL1977- What is your company's mission?
LOAFER CO- To develop great products that will become your favorites.

APPAREL1977- What are your top selling items?
LOAFER CO- Our top selling items are our Tee's

APPAREL1977- You have a new product coming out. Can you give us some information on that?
LOAFER CO- The Leather Slim wallet launching on Kickstarter in Feb - Made to our design in England by Craftsmen. We also offer free postage to the USA!

APPAREL1977- That is great! I want to thank you for this interview. Can't wait to see your new items. Please keep us updated with your new products.

LOAFER CO- We definitely will, thank you.

APPAREL1977- To shop with Loafer Co please go to: LOAFER CO

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