Interview with Rica Jewels

I totally love doing interviews about unique jewelry which is created by the owner. It is hard to find great pieces to go with certain outfits. Here on our blog we find those great pieces. Here is our interview of the day with Rica Jewels, let's get started.

1. What inspired you to start this business?

I was inspired by my father who had a fashion factory in Brazil. Also, for my passion for metals and gemstones.

2. What types of pieces do you sell?


3. What is your jewelry made of?  

All The jewelry is made with sterling silver or Gold plated.

4. Which pieces sell the most? 

My Istanbul line. I have a studio there.

5. Can you give us a fashion tip to go along with your jewelry pieces?  

Black dress for work or going out to romantic dinner.

6. If someone wanted to create jewelry, and start a jewelry boutique what advice would you give them? 

Be creative on your designs and find a good location that works for your target market. Stick with a good price point and train your staff with knowledge about your product.

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