Hello all, our interview of the day goes to Style and Comfort! Wear comfortable shoes and still look great! Let's learn a little about the company.

1. What inspired you to start this business?
What inspired me to start the business is my love for fashionable shoes and my excitement to share and see other women enjoy shoe design.

What inspired us to design COMFORTABLE shoes is our personal need and the increasing need of women for stylish and functional shoes. How many times have we cursed shoe designers for making beautiful shoes that are torture on our feet? I Know quite of few women who gave up wearing stylish shoes they are very uncomfortable. We believe that women shouldn't have to choose between style and comfort.

2. what type of footwear do you design? We design fashion forward women's footwear. In this kickstarter  
designs combined the ease of all-day wear in a casual shoe, with the glamour of today’s hottest shoe 

several prototypes, incorporating ergonomic design and comfort factor into boots, flats, sandals, and low, 

medium and high heels. These designs are now available for pre-order at 

3. When did you release your shoes? Our initial shoe designs were released in 2011. Our comfort shoe 

line will hopefully be released in 2014 depending on the success of our kickstarter project.

4. who can wear your shoes? Women. Women who love to style. Women who love to pamper their feet  

with stylish shoes. We designed different shoe styles to cater to women's different shoe preferences.  

we incorporated our ergonomic shoe design and comfort factor into boots, flats, sandals,  and low, 

medium and high heels. 

5. Can you give us a few stylish pointers on what we can wear your shoes with? Majority of our shoes can 

be worn casually even our more formal shoe style. 

Our red ankle buckle shoe (S5) that's currently offered in can be worn with your boot cut 

jeans with red/ black/ white turtle neck for your winter chic look or wear your 3/4 pants with knit top/ 

collard white top. 

Our ankle shoe sandals (S9) can be worn in any occasions. Wear with your long gown when attending a 

gala wear with your shorts and collard top for your summer look, wear your pencil cut shirt with any

turtle neck for your winter office look. We want women to play with different ways to styles and not 

 get stuck with what the society dictates them. Our shoes are intentionally designed to be worn in

so many different ways and styles.

We would like to thank you for this interview. I think this is a totally great idea. Who doesn't want to look 

stylish yet be comfortable? Love this idea! 

Thanks Dolls!  contact them to pre-order today!! PRE-ORDER TODAY!

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