·         First, tell me a bit about your business.  What is Buddhas Herb’s philosophy, and what sort of products do you sell?

Buddha’s Herbs is a family owned company, headquartered in New York, started and now managed by professionals, having vast experience in the field of Natural Products. Its name and operations are motivated by the teachings of Buddha and its logo also signifies Buddha’s positive attitude towards life.

We believe Mother Nature contains exotic secrets of healthy living which have been handed down to generations over centuries. Modern science has reached the same conclusion through scientific research. Buddha’s Herbs is also playing its part in this natural revolution and evolution by making this wealth of natural energy accessible to people in the form of high quality herbal supplements, vitamins and herbal teas.

·                     How do you optimize the flavor and health benefits of your teas?

Our herbal teas are made from traditional, well-known and widely used herbs, such as Chamomile, Thyme, Raspberry Leaves and others. We also produce high quality, potent natural herbal teas for weight loss, prostate health and heart health.

Majority of the herbs used in our formulations fall under FDA GRAS  (Generally Regarded as  Safe) List and thus are a great natural way to improve the functioning of your vital body organs.  In order to retain the freshness and core qualities of the herbs we make sure teas are packed in eco filter bags and airtight envelopes thereby retaining the flavor and aroma. Thus our consumers can rest assured that we take every care possible to ensure that our teas do not only have a great taste but also actually work as a preventive measure to strengthen health.

·                     When there are so many other supplements in the marketplace, how are your product different?

Good question, and you are absolutely right. The market is loaded with many different brands producing similar products. But how many of these brands actually go through the laborious processes of ensuring they are putting out quality stuff for consumers?
At Buddha’s Herbs Quality Assurance is not merely a statement rather our whole culture revolves around it. We have worked hard to bring you natural products which fully comply with all the applicable Federal Regulations and which meet our Label Claims 100 %. Thus with Buddha’s Herbs Products , you are guaranteed to get Best Value for your money as compared to similar products in the market. A number of big brand names which have the same supplement facts carry much higher price tags for
the products which you can buy at Buddha’s Herbs for a fraction of that price. We firmly believe that consumers should not be paying for extravagant overhead costs of big brand names. The salient features of our Quality Policy are as follows:

·         All the products are manufactured as per Specifications prepared by Experienced and Qualified  Health Professionals 

·         All the products are Manufactured at GMP certified Facilities

·         Identity testing is performed on all the Incoming raw Materials as per FDA Rule 21 CFR 3 and Certificate of Analysis of All Ingredients is Checked and Verified

·         Master Manufacturing and Batch Production records of all the Product Lots are Kept Securely

·         All Products carry Batch Numbers and Expiration Dates

·         The Finished product Certificate of Analysis is tested by an Independent Laboratory to ensure compliance of Label Claims

·         All products meet the Strictest Possible Contamination Limits set forth by California Prop 65

·         The Quantity of Active Ingredients is maintained so as to ensure Labeled quantity till Expiration Date

·         All Distribution Operations are also performed as per GMP practices


For any further information about our quality procedures or any information regarding Certificate of Analysis/ Specifications of any of our
products, contact at and you can also check out this infographic on How we Harness Nature’s Miracle. We heartily welcome your feedback.





·                     How can people purchase your products or services?


We initially started selling on and our products are still available for sale over there. By the way, some of our products like our Ginseng has time and again been the top seller in its category on We now have a full fledge web store up at and individuals interested in purchasing from us can do so directly from our website. We’ve also got a blog and are quite active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where we post deals, receipes, latest news and valuable insights on natural and healthy living.



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