I am so excited about this interview today with RaRe Scare vintage store. They are a glam vintage store in Phoenix. We luv vintage fashion and can't wait to find out how they score their great finds. Let's get started.

1. What inspired you to start this vintage store? 

 I have shopped many vintage stores over the years and really wanted to create my own mark in the local Phoenix vintage market.

2. How do you choose your inventory?

I have been collecting vintage for many years, I have a unique sense of style and I look for pieces that reflect my personal style of glam vintage.

3. Where do you get your items from? 

I mostly buy from estate sales and I travel around rural Arizona to find my pieces.

4.  What items do you sell? 

I sell men's and women's clothing, shoes and jewelry, but my pieces are very unique and have a certain glam fashion to them.

5.  What are your top selling items?

 I would have to say jackets are the best selling items.

6. Can you give us some vintage fashion tips? 

I would say mixing the old with the new is the best fashion of today.

7. Where can my readers go to purchase your items?

We have a retail store in Phoenix Arizona called Rare Scarf, soon we will be on Etsy as well.

Cool! we will give everyone the Etsy store information when it is available. We thank you for this interview and good luck with your business!

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