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I am personally excited about this interview with Ruth Noel-Samaroo from Noel Bookkeeping because of my blogging business and other bloggers. I would advise all bloggers and new business owners to read this post. when you have a business it is very important to have someone assist you. You need to free up more time to get more things done which will benefit your business. Let's get started!

1. What inspired you to start a bookkeeping business? 
Before starting my business I worked full-time and inside I had a hidden passion for creativity and fresh ideas. When I was growing up I noticed that friends and family close to me were always worrying about paying tax and doing tax returns. This inspired me to make a change and I decided to use my skills to help people with great ideas.

2. Can you tell us what you offer small businesses?
Noel Bookkeeping offers a fixed fee service and this includes a variety of accounting services each month. We are experts on Xero Accounting and we like to be at the forefront of technology and cloud innovations. I'm not a traditional accountant, but instead someone who helps creative and innovative minds. We love working with free-spirited creative minds and we draw inspiration from helping others.

3. How did you get started?
I graduated with a BA (Hons) 2:1 Accounting & Finance and have been working in the field for over five years.

4. What are your interests outside of work?
I have an interest in fashion and love creativity so I read a lot of magazines in this area. I like natural and healthy living as well as empowering women. You can find me on Pinterest every evening! I also have a beautiful baby girl and her moses basket is in my office so I take breaks while working.

5. If a business owner is struggling what advice would you give them?
Get the support you need in the areas you are struggling in. It’s a misuse of time to try and do everything yourself. For example, you will enjoy your business more if you don’t have piles of paperwork weighing  you down. 
Ruth Noel-Samaroo

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