We couldn't wait to do this interview with FORZIERI. FORZIERI sells high handbags and more. Let's get started with the interview.

1. What inspired you to start this company?
Growing in Italy, surrounded by all its beauties and breathing its fashion attitude and attention to premium quality, I felt it was the time to take advantage of the internet and share all these amazing creations with the world. So back in 1998, we gave birth to a concept store exclusively specialized in luxury accessories and leather goods like amazing handbags, shoes, jewelry and fabulous leather jackets. A curated selection we’re extremely proud of, now mixing world class designers with extraordinary fashion talents and artisans.

2. what are your best selling items?
Handbags, Shoes, fashion jewelry and leather jackets first. In terms of Designers, current top sellers include bags from Valentino, Michael Kors, Chloé, Marc Jacobs or shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, Versace, Alexander McQueen and designer sneakers in general.

3. what other items do you sell?
As mentioned, leather jackets is the only clothing category we carry since we wanted to exclusively focus on categories which would greatly identify us for premium quality. And Florence, the area where we live, is a true mecca for leather craftmanship

4. Can you give us some upcoming fashion tips?
Designer sneakers are ruling the world, you can match them with any men or women outfit. This together with fashion backpacks, these are truly entering the group of "must haves” in terms of bags for men & women. In general, a growing trend is on emerging labels and niche designers, costumers from all over the world simply love making discoveries.

5. Where can we go to shop for your items?
We’re exclusively online at the moment, so come visit us often at, we have some amazing news coming up!

Andrea Forzieri

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