So excited about the this interview today. Our interview today is with an online store for pets clothing and items. Let's get started with the interview.

1. What inspired you to start this business? 

 We've always loved animals so we began to foster. That's when we realized how overwhelmed the shelters/rescues are with sick/abandoned/abused dogs and knew we needed to try and help with the expense.

2.What products do you sell?

 We sell a good selection of high end collars, including custom leather collars,harnesses, charms, ID tags, leashes

3.  what are your top selling items?

Top selling items are the QR dog ID tags and Swarovski crystal collars

4. what kind of charms do you offer?

We have a few different charms: Initial charms, hearts, flowers, and crystal slides for collars

5. How would my readers purchase an item for their dog?

Readers could purchase items by going direct to the website:

Proceeds are donated to animal shelter/rescues
Promo codes are frequently on Facebook listed as Charlies Pet Place

Sounds wonderful, thanks so much for this interview. 

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