Hello Our spotlight interview for the day is Lens Factory. Do you need glasses for a lower price?! Well check out our interview today for an inside scoop.

1. What inspired you to open an Eyeglass online store?
Buying new eyeglasses can be really expensive. No one wants to replace the lenses in your existing frames, because there is so much markup on new frames. Customers are also often pushed toward lens products that have higher margins instead of the best product for their needs. We were tired of it and wanted to give people a new way to buy eyeglasses that eliminated all the middlemen and retail markup.

2. As we all know eyeglass wear is very expensive do you offer some type of discount?
When you go to a vision center and buy new frames, they send your new frames to an optical lab and charge you retail prices. LensFactory lets you deal directly with the lab, and huge savings is the result. We run promotions too, but our prices are always at least half of what you pay at a retailer.

3. .what type of glasses do you sell?
LensFactory manufactures basically all prescription lens types offered through retail vision centers including: Single Vision, Bifocal, Progressive, Trifocal, and Freeform. The materials we do are: CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index (1.67 and 1.74), and Glass. Options include: Polarized, Photochromic (Transitions), Tints, Anti-reflective coatings, and every lens we make comes with free anti-scratch coating because no one likes scratches.

4. If someone wanted to order a pair of glasses from you how would they do so?
Go to our website LENSFACTORY and pick your lenses out. If you need help, call and talk to one of our opticians in the lab who can help you find the right choice. Place an order and send in your glasses. We can even send you a prepaid shipping kit if you like.

5. What are your most popular glasses?
People really like our Photochromic lenses that get dark in sunlight. The color choices are gray or brown, and we can make photochromic lenses in just about any material.

We want to thank you for this interview, for anyone that needs to get glasses for a great low price please go to: LENSFACTORY

Thanks so much!

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