Okay so i'm so excited about this interview and have been waiting to get this going! I'm sure all my readers would like to know what is WEFGOOD? let's find out ;)


1. Tell us about WEFGOOD.

WeFGood is a one stop shop to growing closer to your partner.  That’s because my team and I care about you and are committed to not only providing awesome  results, our goal is to make intimacy uncontrollably fun again.
Like any connoisseur, we have many influences. Ours come from nature, food, art, color. When we curate every box for you and your partner, these elements play a big role in the products we select and the brands we work with, however, it’s really you, that we look to in order to maximize value and experience that you will achieve.  If you just want sex toys go down the (proverbial internet) street. If you want sexy experiences you’ll want to shop here.

2. Can you tell us how it works?

    1. We’ve truly created an easy as 1-2-3 system

           3. What is your companies mission?
    1. Our mission is to bring back the passion one bedroom at a time.
           4. I am very interested to know what are some of the items in the box.
    1. Although what you’re getting is a surprise, we maximize value by giving you full sized toys, edible items, and other items to engage the senses were big on value and because of this we also include as many bonus items that we can get our hands on.
           5.  What suggestions would you give to couples trying to spice up their                                    relationship?
                 a.  Be open, be honest and think outside the box.

Thank you so much for this interview. For all who wants some lust in their life, a birthday for your lover, Valentines day or just to spice up your dull relationship please go to:

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