We were totally excited to do this interview with Krista because of the products that she sells which are all natural and organic health, beauty, baby and cleaning products! Lets get started!

1. What inspired you to work with this business?

 Everything!! The products, the people, the global mission, the vision, and the fantastic compensation plan!  The founder of Radiantly You, Melissa Brown is a certified holistic health coach, a wife, and mother of three beautiful children (all under three!).   She has built this company directly from her heart, and truly wants to change the world and make it a healthier place to live.  RY was built on the premise that natural and organic products CAN be affordable for the average family.  She empowers women and men to start their own businesses and distribute these high-quality products to people across North America.  It is truly a win-win situation as we help others live healthier lives!

2. What does the company offer?

 Radiantly You is an eco-conscious driven company that is brand new to the direct selling world. Besides amazing all-natural products for their consumers, Radiantly You offers a powerhouse team of people to help train, inspire, and motivate their Independent Wellness Guides and propel them to success.  Independent Wellness Guides not only get the opportunity to make an amazing commission selling Radiantly You products but they also get to share the gift of wellness to everyone they encounter. 

3. What items do you sell?

 Radiantly You offers high-quality, all-natural, organic, chemical-free, non-gmo, gluten-free products for your body, baby, hair, health, and home cleaning (that is a mouthful!) Indulge in products such as the Amber Vanilla Whipped Body Butter, Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub, and the Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash.  Nourish your baby with the Soothing Baby Whipped Body Butter, and protect and soothe their little bottom with the healing power of the Calendula Booty Balm.  Ditch the chemical shampoos and enjoy the Mango Coconut or Tea Tree Shampoo Bars.  Alleviate cold and flu symptoms with the Natural Herbal Decongestant, and heal just about anything with the Healing Calendula Balm.  Make your house sparkle with the All Natural Counter Spray and Tub Scrub.  There are products for your every need!

4. What are the items made of?

 Melissa does extensive research in providing the highest-quality all-natural ingredients for consumers.  As an Independent Wellness Guide, I always love seeing the positive reactions from my customers when they read the ingredients.  There is nothing that RY hides, and every ingredient can be pronounced and clearly understood.  Some of these fantastic ingredients include: organic unrefined shea & cocoa butters, organic expeller-pressed coconut oil, Dead Sea mud, calendula infused olive oil, vitamin E, and organic essential oils.

5. If someone would like to earn money with this company how would they do so?

Radiantly You has a compensation plan like no other.  It truly allows anyone to become financially free if they choose to work hard and grow a team.  As an Independent Wellness Guide you will earn 30% commission on all sales.  As you grow a team you will earn a residual income between 5-30% on each of their sales.  You can also take advantage of the Team Builder Bonus, which is another way you can earn extra residuals.  As the fifth person to join the company, I can honestly say that NOW is the best time to join!  For more information on starting your business, please contact Krista at or visit

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