What? Mustache Flats

Hello Dolls!

Hope your week started off well. Our DIY searched for this post lead us to Matter of style blog, which is on BlogSpot!
We found a really simple DIY shoe project. All that is needed is a pair of simple black flats that you may have in your house or you can get a pair from lulus. They have really cute shoes for a great low price. You would need cloth material, you can choose any color. As you can see gold is the best chose. You would draw and outline a mustache, and the lettering. You would then cut it out. You would then make sure the mustaches are the same size. You would get craft glue and glue the mustache on the front of the shoe as shown in the picture. The lettering would be glued to the shoe on the side just as you did the mustache.
That's it a brand new pair of fashionable shoes! for more go to:

Thanks Dolls!

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