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I know, I know.....another marketing plan. Here we go again. Why so many? Well if you are building a business and want to be successful you will need a marketing plan for all of your social media accounts. You want to connect, connect, connect. We did some research on Linkedin and here is a simple plan that my team and I put together for you. 

Connections- Do you only connect with people that may be interested in your service or product? Well, we would usually tell you to make sure you only connect with those people, but here on Linkedin we do not follow that theory, here's why. Linkedin is more of a connection one on one place so if that person is not interested in what you are selling there maybe someone that they are following or one of there followers that may be interested in your service or product so make sure you connect with anyone and everyone no limit. Usually, the connections that you get are related to who you are following anyway so you will mostly get people that are in your line of work, but if not connect anyway.

Message - Once you accept the connection send a message to your connection. Tell them a little about yourself and what you do. Do not come off as a salesperson. That can get pretty annoying, just let them know who you are and what you do, short and simple....>>>>Have a great day and again thanks for the connection.<<<<

Who's looking at you! - You can check your profile to see who is viewing your account. If they are not a connection at the time send them a message so they can become a connection. They may be a customer or future client.

Posting content- Time to post. There are 2 ways to post on Linkedin. This is also a great way to market your services and your products. If you have a blog you can post the link to your blog post. The second way is to just post some information, inspiration post, or post that is related to your services or products. This will bring great traffic to your profile and also to your website. 

Comments- When you see a great share comment on the share, like the share. You can also answer questions to a comment. This will show people that you have knowledge of your services.

Groups- Join related groups to your business and services. Make sure to post in each of your groups and also answer questions on a weekly bases. Stay activate in at least 3-5 groups. 

Video- Add a short video related to your business to your profile. You can get a video done on Fiverr for only $5 or for a more advanced video you can pay more.

Endorse- When you click on your connections profile you can click on the Endorse button. You will endorse stating that the person is good at Social media, Marketing, Blogging and more. This makes their profile look better and they will then in return Endorse you back.

Make sure you follow these items and you will have more followers and clients in no time.

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