16 August 2016


Here are a couple of easy tips to get natural traffic to your website or blog.

Photos- Of course! The look , the design bright colors, people love that. And they will stay on your website longer. This helps your bounce rate.

Blog design- I changed my blog design so many times, I never like the look of it, so I continue to change it until I really like the look. You want a professional yet fun look. I use to go to Fiverr but with this you don't know what it looks like. On Etsy you get to choose the look you like.

Submissions- There are website which you can submit your content or even your services. You will get much more exposure this way.

Guest Posting- Google guest posting and sign-up with a couple of websites this will help you get more traffic also.

Link Parties- Its really hard to find link parties. So make sure you plan a day to just devote time to finding link parties. This is a really great source of traffic. And the traffic with this is from other bloggers which may have more traffic than you or maybe extremely popular, this is truly a plus and worth the time finding them.

Email list- Make sure you build a nice mailing list this is a easy way to send your list some coupons, or a great post on your blog or website. Once you send this you will have good natural targeted traffic to your website.

Resources- Here is an e-book to help you get more traffic with 8 simple steps. E-book