05 June 2016


I never believed in Facebook. I just didn't like it. I had all other Social Media outlets for my business but always refused to work with Facebook. But since we open a boutique and have to do online chat sessions and parties to sell the jewelry I now need Facebook very much so I decided to start a Page to grow my business and have online parties. First thing. Each Social Media outlet should have a purpose. My Twitter is for building blogger relationships and getting customers for our PR business, Linkedin is to get customers for our PR business, Pinterest is to promote our blogger courses to bloggers and now Facebook is to have online parties for our boutique. If you do it this way you will have a more organized Social media set up. Now here's what we did to get traffic to our boutique website, first we did a lot of research on Facebook and how our boutique can grow from this outlet and then we started putting together a plan. Groups! yes, groups are very important to start out with here's why. You can like pages and follow groups of people that are in the same business as you. People that are in the group may ask questions. Here is an example in my case. I would follow fashion bloggers and style groups. Someone may ask: " I am going on a date tonight, not sure on what I should wear. Help!" I would step in and advise her of an outfit that I may have already put together from Polyvore or I would put one together quickly and post it with a couple of jewelry pieces. I would then post:
Okay so here is one outfit and below is the jewelry to go with the outfit.

"Hey_______, here is a look you can use, I also posted a link for more jewelry ideas. Now there is no way I can get the jewelry to her that same day, but she could see this and it would prompt her to go to my website and maybe purchase for a future look. And it will also prompt everyone in the group chat to take a look at my jewelry store. Now everyone will engage in conversation and you will get likes on your page.
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