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The Perfect Eye look by apparel1977agency featuring a bronze eyeshadow
Gold nail polish

Chanel eyeshadow

Bronze eyeshadow

NARS Cosmetics gold eyeshadow

Hypoallergenic eye makeup

Brown eye makeup
$5.31 -

Eye makeup


Here is a quick and easy way to to do a quick and cute hairstyle. First lightly moose your hair then braid your hair, small or large braids depending on how wavy you want your hair. So if you want tight waves make sure you create small braids. You can then flat iron the braid, after about 10 minutes take out the braids and there you are a cute and quick hairstyle.

Winter Look

Nakkashe on Etsy

Nakkashe is one of our favorite etsy shops. We love the pieces they sell. It is great to wear with your swim outfit. It gives your swim wear a unique look. We also like how the necklaces dresses up a regular tee-shirt. Put this on with your tee-shirt and get another look for your shirt. Nakkashe has picked up the love of crocheting since childhood and has created these lovely items ever since.

SUMMER SALE Crocheted Turkish Lace Boho Necklace with Black and hot pink Oya Flowers, Fiber Necklace, Gift Ideas For Her$21.25

SUMMER SALE Blue Oya Flower Crochet Choker Necklace, Bead Crochet Necklace with natural stone beads, Fiber Jewelry, Gift ideas for her$21.25

SUMMER SALE Crochet Otantic Statement Choker Necklace, Needle Lace Jewelry ,Turkish Oya Necklace ,knitted choker necklace, Gift For Her$38.25

Nutri Lifescience

Nutri Lifescience Are you ready for a dietary supplement that supports both cardiovascular and endocrine health without having to make drastic nutritional or lifestyle changes? Sounds almost “too good to be true,” right? That was our initial reaction, as well, when one of my team members brought Nutri Lifescience to my attention I was totally excited and did some research. We totally love Bergamonte vegetable capsules.This is an extraordinary product. 

Bergamonte capsules
Being that we have tried Nutri Lifescience Bergamonte capsules. We can all personally attest to the fact that they indeed deliver on improved cardiovascular function, blood glucose management, and healthy cholesterol maintenance. 

Not only is this supplement highly effective for promoting optimal wellness, it is all-natural and entirely plant-based as well. In fact, the primary active ingredient is a bioactive compound, derived from the juice and albedo of Bergamot, a medicinal citrus fruit grown in the Calabria region o…

Hire a Virtual Assistant and make a difference.

This is virtual assistant business is a little different than from the other ones. Apparel 1977 Virtual Assistant company wants to help stay at home moms, dads and the disabled to get jobs from home. Administrative jobs, real jobs. We sat down with the CEO Lisa Morgan and found out the inspiration behind her business.

Thank you for doing this interview with us Lisa. Can you tell us what inspired you to start your Va business?

I am so passionate about this business and the reason is I was a stay at home mom for a short period of time. I applied for customer service jobs from home which claim to be legit yet not one company called me back and I have done call center customer service for 10 years. I would say I was qualified enough for the job. I couldn't find a job and I wanted to stay home with my children. It was scary thinking I would not have a job and I needed to take care of my kids. I felt I could just create a VA business and get a few clients and make $60 an hour from those …


We are so happy to do this interview with Piper Marie, We finally got the chance to sit down with them and find out what inspired them to begin this business. Let's get started. 

Can you tell us a little about Piper Marie?

Piper Marie is an Eco-friendly lingerie company. We use sustainable materials and work hard to reduce the ever growing carbon foot print of the fashion industry. We also make our items in studio outside Chicago, IL. 

How did you come up with the name of your business?

Piper is my maiden name and Marie is my middle. 

Can you tell us where you sell your items?

Piper Marie is sold online at and on our etsy site We also do local markets and trunk shows. Our next step is getting into stores. 

What do you sell?

We mostly focus on lingerie however we do carry some tee's and tanks. We use our scrap materials from the items we cut to make other things such as hair goods and purses. This helps reduce our waist. Anothe…

What shall I wear to work?

How to travel for a low price

Ways to travel for a great price.

If your like me and you don't really get to travel because of the high priced trips and hotels here are a couple of ways to get this started. Spring is here and the summer is coming. First thing to do is check the travel cost. I'm sure you know if you book in advance it is much cheaper. So check cheap flights, jetblue, american airlines, and so on to see which flights and time frames are cheaper. You can also leave from a different town for a cheaper price. I always noticed when I did travel I had to travel from Laguardia airport because it is cheaper than Kennedy airport. So do your homework. Open an account. ING would be the best way to save which is now Capital one 360. Open this account connect it to your checking account it will remove however amount you want from your account once or twice a month. They will even add a certain percentage amount to your balance instead of a regular bank charging you a monthly fee to have the account. Lowe…


Well it's that time again spring is here. You will need to start shopping and building your closet with great pieces.Even though the weather is not ready to work with us you can still start to prep your closet. Here's a few ideas. Put together some jeans, cute shirts, cute gold earrings.


Welcome to Piper Marie which is designed to be a fashion firm that relies on eco-sustainability. We have looked at their online store and found the greatest products which are listed below.

These items are designed to be comfortable and classy. They mainly focus on undergarments. They do sell other items which are special edition items. Some of the products are home products and accessories. The greatest part of all is that they work with  green companies to create safe and comfortable products for you. Who would not want to support an company that designs and creates to save our earth. All items are hand made from natural, organic, vintage and recycled materials which are made in the US.

We recommend you shop with PIPER MARIE today!


Welcome all, one of our favorite stores on Etsy is Moma Delia's  Homemade Hoodoo. Let's tell you a little about this shop. Moma Delia comes from a powerful mix of ancestry and from a long line of strong two-handed workers. She practices rootwork and so much more. If you go to her Etsy shop you will see the most interesting items that can help you in your everyday life. The best thing about this is she does not just make something that covers everyone issues she works with you on a more personal level.
She has worked privately for years and felt it was time to have an online shop. She chose Etsy to set up shop. She is here to help you..."I feel beyond blessed to touch people's lives everyday."  Get started today go to:Homemade Hoodoo

Piper Marie


Nutri life Science yummy shakes

Nutri Maqui

Create a new life with Nutri LifeScience

It’s a new year and time to change your lifestyle. Your body is the most important thing. You have to be healthy in order to work and build for you and your family.Nutri Maqui is the best way to start. What is Nutri Maqui? Nutri Maqui Fruits Proprietary Blend, is a mix combining the dark purple maqui berry, with acai berry, pomegranate, elderberry, blackberry and raspberry to support your daily antioxidant intake. What can this do for you? It supports your immune system and also helps to provide healthy aging and longevity. Some people cannot take vitamins and find that taking Nutri Maqui is much more easier and taste great.Nutri LifeScience has two products, ie Nutri Maqui and Bergamonte.

Can you believe that Nutri Maqui blend is jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can boost your immune system? Some called it “Longevity Superfoods”. Maqui Berry has very high in antioxidant and polyphenols , and Bergamonte contains bioactive compounds that support healthy total choles…

Are you ready to take your business to another level? As we all know no matter what type of business you have from fashion to Virtual assistant companies you need business links. You need to be connected to business owners and other people to get business leads which of course leads to sales! Link Business Marketing are a global independent LinkedIn consultancy, LinkedIn training, LinkedIn speaker. They actually help you with leads, sales and referrals. They will help you and your business with your social media strategies for your business no matter what type of business you are in. In your business you should look to grow profitable long term sustainable businesses, which is what they will help you do.Here is what they offer:
LinkedIn consultancy and business growth partnerLinkedIn training providerLinkedIn speaker for your business or corporate eventYou are a business Investor looking to identify & hire a qualified proven LinkedIn expertYou are researching us because you want to…

Bliss Recovery

Need some place to recover? Here is one of the top Recovery facilities that help overcome addiction issues and emotional issues, and also help your their family as well. Addiction issues and emotional issues not only affect you but your family also. Think for what your children may be going through in school and in life with your issues. Also affects your marriage and other family member this is why we recommend  Bliss Recovery. They specialize in treatment not just for you but for your entire family unit as well.They are a team of professionals that has put together a program that will help individuals with addiction issues and emotional issues. Some people feel like they would be better at home recovering from their addictions. This is not true you need some place that has round the clock care for your needs. Bliss Recovery will be your home away from home and they will take care of you just as your family would. Take care of yourself and your family today. Bliss Recovery

Stepping up Recovery

In this day in age there are many people that struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol. In south Florida you can find support at one of dozens of drug rehab and treatment centers. It is sometimes hard to find some place to go someone to talk to, to help you through this rough time in your life. The right facility for addiction recovery is  here to help you. These are the best drug rehab facility for people addicted to opiates provides safe medical detox to help addicts through physical withdrawal, for example, people recovering from long-term alcoholism can benefit from a program focused on restoring physical health and changing your life. They offer you moderate exercise and good nutritional support. They have excellent treatment centers that address the emotional and mental problems that trigger drug and alcohol use, including depression, codependency, trauma, family conflict, and anxiety, eating disorders and bipolor disorder. Take control of your life today. Stepping up recover…

Apparel 1977 Marketing Media for the Fashion industry- bookkeeping

Welcome to our company. Apparel 1977 has been in the fashion media since 2000. We started out as a blogging outlet and grew into something more. We have worked with other fashion bloggers and more media people in the fashion industry. New business owners started approaching us. They wanted media attention. We did blog post for them but saw there was much more we could offer to get them noticed. We hired a team of creators to build a marketing & advertising company for fashion businesses. We are here to get your business noticed. We work directly with you. Feel free to email us anytime.