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We are so excited to do this sit down interview with IV.II.O. We will find out the inspiration behing the brand and their style.

1. Can you tell us what is the inspiration behind your brand?

A big inspiration is 420 hence the spelling of the name IV.II.O. 420 is a smoker/stoner thing but I wanted to represent and present it elegantly and in crisp, clean, new light. That's why it's pronounced (EYE-VEE-OH) it's a word. It's a brand. It's not about getting or being high it's about being #LIFTED or enlightened and knowing who you are and that you are different and want something that represents you. It's about being #GIFTED and knowing you are #GIFTED. You know who you are and that you are truly a special individual. And it's also about being #BETTER or Greater-than the rest. 
Another inspiration different fashions. It's a lot of brands I like that inspired me. I also get inspired by people who have an individual style. I can see someone wearing something I like that I have never seen before or it could be something I have seen before but they are wearing it completely different from anything I have ever come across. That will put an idea in my head and it's on from there. I like crisp, clean, dirty, pretty, things (laughs) and I wanted to present that to the world. Beautiful designs with a nod to the wilder side of life. 

2. Who can wear your items?

The clothing line is truly for anyone. Despite what some may perceive as "the negative 420 connotation" the people who truly understand what the brand stands for and what we are really about l, its for them. Those who love the look, they know that it is for them and those who feel they fit our motto #LIFTED #GIFTED #BETTER. It is for them. I have people from all walks of life asking me about IV.II.O. and people even want shirts for their children. So if IV.II.O. speaks to you and represents something you stand for, then it's for you. Even those who don't quite get it soon will.

3. Can you tell us a little about your style?

My style is different. I would describe it as rocker/skater meets rapper/dopeboy and a few other random things thrown in (laughs). I love black but I'm good with colors and matching. I like to put together things that are different, but still familiar. I've loved spikes and studs and things even before it was cool, no I'm not a hipster (laughs). I always had a thing for the metal look, so I try to incorporate that. White studded belts are a must. Shoes that no one else has and ones no one has ever heard of. I'm not much of a label whore, I like certain brands, but I go for the look first, it doesn't really matter who made it. Oh, and I love sunglasses, all styles. 

4. What does the name of the brand mean?

The name of the brand means 420. But it's pronounced (eye-vee-oh) It stands for what we stand for being #LIFTED #GIFTED #BETTER. We are making it into something new, beyond stoner fashion. It's means being unique, special, and knowing that is what is so great about you. 

5. What do you predict would be your top selling item?

I think the top selling item will be our logo shirt which is featured on the site. We will have a few style and color choices. As of right now we are waiting for the orders of the black shirt with the white logo to come in. But in the near future we will offer a lot of different items. A lot of people have been asking about sunglasses and hats. So I think once we get more items in each will do very well. 

6. Where can my readers go to purchase your items?

Currently we are waiting for the orders to arrive, but if they would like to place an order they can go to any of the links below and leave a message or email us at and include sizes and quantity needed and we will give them to an estimated delivery date and price. 






We would like to thank you for taking the time to do this sit down interview with us. 

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