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A fabulous look into the world of Diamonds are Evil......

1. We would like to thank you for this interview, we love your items. What is the inspiration behind your jewelry line?

 While I was in grad school for Architecture, I had access to a laser cutting machine for building architecture models. My boyfriend and business partner, Michael, worked in the wood shop where this machine was kept. Students would come in and cut really repetitive things out for their models. Michael started saving these and other interesting cast-offs from the machine. We initially used these to create things or use as stencils for painting with. As we got more interested in it, we began designing from scratch and creating our own pieces. We use wood mostly because it was a material we were both familiar with, it was inexpensive, and provided a blank canvas that we could design anything on. As we grew our business into our brand, Diamonds Are Evil, our choice of materials began to take on a more significant meaning. We choose to use conflict-free materials that will hurt neither people nor the environment to grow, harvest and produce.

2. What type of jewelry do you sell?

We sell laser-cut wood jewelry. Our line includes earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. We've recently added a men's line of cuff links, and will be expanding that line with tie-bars and men's-specific jewelry.

3. what are your top selling pieces? 

Top sellers:

Our top selling piece is the Retro Hood Earrings:

Another popular item is the Art Deco Arrowhead Necklace:

Our best seller of all time is the Chevron Wood Ring:

4. Can you tell us how you come up with your designs?

When designing new pieces, I often draw from my background in Architecture to find inspiration. I love Art Deco elements from buildings, and these can translate really well into jewelry elements. I think we also come up with new designs through the process of drawing new designs. That sounds confusing, but let me try to explain... Once we come up with a general sketch of a shape we want to explore or a pattern we want to use, we move into an computer drafting program to draw it up for the laser. We move into the computer early on because we have to draw and measure parts of the jewelry precisely so that the machine is able to cut the pieces without completely obliterating them with the beam. These are the machine's tolerances, and it's much easier to draw in the computer. Anyway, in the process of drawing our idea, we draw many lines and circles to measure from. Throughout this, we often see very cool relationships between shapes and save these to explore later.

5. What are some of your newest items?

Our "What's New" section on the website always has the newest products!

6. Where can my readers go to shop for your hot trending jewelry?

Our website is the best place to find the latest designs:

Thanks Dolls!

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