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Six Wardrobe Staples Everyone Needs
BY: Michael David

For some, clothes shopping is an enormous hassle, and for others, it is a relaxing hobby. Having a few staple wardrobe pieces on hand will make shopping more enjoyable and effective whether you are at one of these extremes or somewhere in the middle. Here are six essential pieces to get you started.

A truly great pair of jeans can be hard to find, but once you find a pair that is right for you, hold on for dear life, and consider stocking up. Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your arsenal. They are comfortable, robust, and match almost anything. Pair them with a sparkly top or button-up shirt for a dressy night out, or run errands on the weekend in jeans and a hoodie.

Putting on a crisply-tailored blazer is one of the fastest ways to pull an outfit together. Adding a blazer to an outfit can take a flowing dress from summer to fall or a pair of jeans to the office. To get the most use out of your blazer, choose a solid, dark color (you can’t go wrong with black) and a tailored fit.

Signature Accessory
Having a signature accessory is a great way to preserve a little bit of individuality whether you are at the office or out with friends. A statement handbag or sensational pair of sunglasses can set you apart in a crowd, brighten up an ordinary outfit, or simply remind you of something that makes you smile.

Simple White Shirt

A simple white shirt is not just useful—it is essential. Have a collared white shirt on hand to tuck into a pencil skirt for an interview or layer under your three piece suit for a wedding. A white t-shirt can also be incredibly useful. Wear it by itself with a pair of jeans, layer it under a sheer blouse or throw it on when you head out to play ball with your buddies.

High-Quality Shoes
Maybe you find shoes boring or maybe you have an entire closet dedicated to shoes, but either way, shoes matter. While it might surprise you, many people judge you by what is on your feet. So choose your shoes wisely—especially if you are trying to make a first impression. Whether you are being interviewed for your dream job or heading out for a blind date, put your best foot forward.

A stellar smile is a wardrobe essential, because it goes with you everywhere, every single day. Smiling is good for your health and makes you appear more attractive, so make sure your smile is in great shape. Be careful about drinks like coffee that can stain your teeth, and don’t ignore that advice your dentist in Hamilton or Hartford always gives you—brush, floss, and rinse regularly to keep your smile sparkling. 

Fashion is always in flux, and many enjoy shopping for new clothes, but having these six staples on hand will give you the building blocks you need for a timeless wardrobe.
Author Byline
Michael David is a freelance blogger who writes about a variety of topics including health and fashion. Remember that your smile is a wardrobe staple and take care of it. For more tips, check out Limeridge Dental.

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