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PRESS RELEASE DC Fashion Week's Haute and Modesty Show, February 21. 2014

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DC Fashion Week’s Haute and Modesty Show
Back By Popular Demand

The introduction of Modest Fashion at DC Fashion Week (DCFW) last September was such a huge success that Areej Fashions, show organizer, was invited to return in February 21, 7:00 pm, Four Points Sheraton Hotel.

“We are very excited to be returning with new designers, incredible fashion and another opportunity for women to see the options they have in dressing.  We know dressing modestly is beautiful.  Less isn’t more, we believe more is really more,” said Baqiyah Adam, Areej Fashions Director of Designers.

Internationally recognized DCFW is a partnership of independent fashion designers, producers and models. It is the fastest growing international fashion week exhibit in the world as it now reaches an audience of more than 10 million per event.  

Currently, more than 150,000 admirers are following DCFW in anticipation of celebrating its 20th season where Fall/Winter 2014 collections will be presented at multiple venues in the nation’s capital beginning on the 17th and through the 23rd of February 2014.

“We are delighted to be the first major entity in North America to provide a highly visible platform specifically for modesty fashion designers,” said Ean Williams, creator and executive director of DCFW.

The show promises to be even better than the first.  It features returning sports and athletic wear designs, Lia Wear Active, AP for Women which has also been featured during New York Fashion Week, new designers Tru Designs, trendy clothes for young fashionistas and Orchid Allure, fashions for the professional woman.  

Abayat Raqia will showcase traditional Muslim wear, Abayas, Dalliance Designers will feature beautiful evening and special occasion dresses and for the first time Styles by Hakeemah will feature a variety of designers items styled for a multitude of tastes.  The incredible designs will feature jewelry by The Sultaness and accessories by Shea Bates.

DCFW has started a trend with modest fashions that seems to be catching on.  For the first time Philly Fashion Week will also have a show dedicated to modest fashion and talks are underway to take the concept of a modest fashion show across the country.

“Modest dress is an amazing option for women who want more than what they see in magazines and stores.  For women of faith they want fashion that compliments their belief system.  It’s a win win for every woman,” said Ms. Adam.

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