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Hello ladies I am totally excited to do this interview with Tressmerize. They specialize in hair extensions. I also use hair extensions so I was completely excited about doing this interview. Let's get started! 

what inspired you to start this business?
After I shaved my head I was devastated and I turned to wigs.  Wigs made me feel special and for the first time in my life I was able to have the hair I always wanted to, but when summer came, my head felt very hot under the wig.

 So, I turned to hair extensions, but when the hair extensions arrived I saw that there was no way I could go out in public wearing them, my hair was too short, the wefts were showing through and they were just not blending in right.

I imagined how great it would be to have a piece that covered the top of my head. I found a hair topper, but there was a problem. Human hair toppers are extremely expensive. There was no way that I could afford it.

And then it hit me wouldn't it be wonderful to have a kit that served women with short/fine hair?  And that is how Tressmerize was born.

What items do you sell?
Clip-in Hair Extensions System for Short/Fine Hair.Our hair is constructed of the highest grade Remy Virgin Human Hair. This hair is soft and tangle free.  Our hair toppers are handmade to ensure the highest quality product.

what is your product made of?
100% Remy Virgin Human Hair.

Would you have to go to a salon or can you put the extensions in yourself?
The beauty about Tressmerize hair extensions kit is that you do it yourself. It is super simple and easy to clip them in and take them out when ever you want to.

Can you explain how anyone would put the pieces in their hair?
It is super simple. Tresmerize comes with 6 pieces in a kit.
1  - 8”quad weft which means there are 4 wefts in one, this piece has 4 clips and it’s very thick.  16” long
2 - 6” weft that has 3 clips and it’s 16” long
2 - 4” weft that has 2 clips and it’s 16” long
and 1 handmade hair topper that is 12” long

Lift your hair at the nape and clip in your first 3 clip weft.
Then you take 1 inch above that weft and clip in the 2nd 3 clip weft
Now part your hair right above your ears and clip in your quad weft.
Part your hair at the sides of your head and clip in 2 clip weft on each side.
And the last step is to clip-in your hair topper on top of your head for most natural look.
if you want to see how I install it in to my head you can watch the video on youtube here:

What are your top selling products?
Right now Tressmerize offers 10 shades and one option kit that is for fine hair.

Where can my readers go to purchase the extensions?
You can visit

I would like to thank you so much for this interview. I wish you much luck with your business. Ladies to look absolutely fab in the New Year go to: today!

Thanks Dolls! :)

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