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Another way to prevent wrinkles with out going under the knife. Beauty keeper Back sleeper. Here is my interview with My back sleeper

What inspired you to start this business?
The older I got, the more I searched for natural ways to prevent wrinkles. One of the biggest complaints I found was the face lines and cleavage wrinkles we wake up to becoming more permanent as time went on.  As much as we want to believe that we can continue to sleep on our side or belly and still prevent these unnecessary wrinkles, there really isn't a product out there that can make this happen. There are some crazy gimmicks out there for people who just don't want to make the effort and create the habit of sleeping on their backs.
How does this pillow help as a beauty product? Not only can you prevent unwanted wrinkles, sleeping on your back can also smooth out the already present creases we have. It’s important to add that this pillow is a great tool for staying supine after cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels or even rhinoplasty.

What other items do you sell? We are slowly developing a line of all natural, organic anti-aging skincare products. This made a lot of sense since one of the great benefits of sleeping on your back is that expensive face creams and serums have a chance to be more effective by allowing them to penetrate the skin before being rubbed off on your pillowcase. It’s a work in progress.

There are many special pillows out their that help you improve or prevent different things, what makes your pillow different from the others? The Beauty Keeper Back Sleeper is the only pillow on the market that promotes back sleep and prevents sleeping comfortably any other way. Other beauty pillows allow the varied sleeping positions; I just feel like this is giving in and counterproductive.

I have never heard that sleeping on your back prevents wrinkles but it makes good sense. Where can my readers and I go to get your wonderful products? Right now you can only find the Beauty Keeper Back Sleeper pillow at MY BACK SLEEPER   Now that we have become fully patented, we plan on full distribution to day spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons as soon as Fall of 2014.

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