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We are so excited to do this interview with Divine! They are a company that makes fab nail designs quick and easy with a nail salon look. Here's our interview!

1. What inspired you to start this business?
 I've been working within the Fashion industry for a while and studied a Master in Colombia. That's when I realized how big the Beauty market was there. Then my business partner got the nails idea. We found out that people were more and more looking for luxury products. We knocked at Swarovski’s door. Step by step, we built a bridge to close the gap among this growing international trend: stylish Nail Art.

2. What are the perks for ladies who purchase this item?
This product is very innovative: it brings exclusive designs inspired from international catwalks and incrusted with Swarovski crystals. It doesn't require any glue, only non-abrasive double-face adhesives; which means no drying time and no damage for your natural nails. Plus it is long lasting, reusable and comes in different sizes so that you find the perfect match for your nails. Last but not least, it is easy to apply and remove.

3. What are your top selling products?
Not selling yet

Main products: 

4. How do you come up with designs?
Designs are inspired from the latest international Fashion catwalks. We take our main ideas from our customers’ insights, but also from our personal experience and Fashion trends planners. Our designer is mainly responsible for the sparkly results we obtain.

5. Where do my readers go to purchase these wonderful items?
We're about to launch a crowdfunding campaign to finance the production on indiegogo from February 17th - international shipping is included. Exclusive perks will be available during the 30 day campaign for those who support us. It’s like pre-ordering at a price nobody will get on stores. So don’t let your chance to look Divine pass by.

Register here to follow the launch:

Media Contact: 

Name: Jérémie Lorrain

e-mail address:

Ph. No.: +57 (1) 319 250 1327

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