19 December 2013


I am totally excited to be doing this interview with Ella Eranthis. We love her style and travels! Let's get started! 

1. Ella what inspired you to travel and record your trips?
I always admired all forms of visual media and I love to travel! Travel thought me we are all different and that is the beauty and perfection of this planet! I thought maybe I should combine the two - media and trips -and see what happens and It started with one video and then it became an addiction because of all the feedback and wonderful people who were watching my videos - I cannot travel anymore without wanting to record all these beautiful places - I want to share it all and the more people watch the more I feel like sharing.

2. What places do you like to visit?
I follow the feeling of excitement at the thought of the trip.If it feels like fun I want to go.

3. Who or what inspired your style?
I love 19 century fashions , 50s style and anything burlesque. I love material that feels nice and prefer bright vibrant colors. Love the combination of pink and blue. Love to add some unusual accessories like large flowers or a mask for a party.And with all 70s style shoes - these shoes make me much taller but is all good because am only 5'4" in real life! As far as people - Brigitte Bardot inspired me. Love her style! Also Lady Gaga - not the style by itself because is so unique and only for her but the message that comes with it : you can wear what you want and be who you are!

4. What are some of the best places that you have traveled to?
It is really difficult to chose. This planet is so unique and beautiful.First things that come to mind though are places with amazing nature so it will be : mountains in Switzerland, Tenerife, Extraterrestrial Highway area of Mojave Desert and the Big Sur.

5. Can you give us a few tips on your unique fashion style.
Wear colors that make you feel good even if it seems not practical.Invest in few designer pieces - clothes well made always look stylish and last a long time.Visit local thrift store once in a while and really dig in - some items in thrift stores are very unique and often a bargain. Always pack something comfortable to wear on a trip. And the most important : find out who you are be who you are and express it through what you wear!

Thank so much for this interview! We hope to have you again soon.

Thanks Dolls!