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Can people who wear gloves still navigate on devices with screen protectors? 
Good question, personally I think It really hard for people to wear gloves to navigate on the devices with or without screen protectors. However, there is a product called Capacitive Sticker, you can actually stick on the glove to navigate the devices.

-          How can someone best avoid getting air bubbles when they apply a screen protector?
We all know that bubbles caused by dirt, dust, and lint on the screen. The best way to avoid getting air bubbles when apply a screen protector is to wash your hands and clean your device thoroughly. I also recommend that you watch the installation video before install the screen protector.  

-          How are your screen protectors unique or different, from other screen protectors?
Our screen protectors are made from 100% Japan PET materials, best quality in the market.  Our unique custom design cutout to fit the screen perfectly.  UV resistant, super clarity, and sensitive touch than other screen protectors on the market. It will not leave any residue on the screen when you remove it.

-          What is the difference between a high definition, and a soft glass film?
The difference between a high definition and a soft glass screen protectors are the materials.  High definition screen protectors are made from PET plastic materials. Soft glass screen protectors are made from special flexible tempered glass materials.

-          What is the most common mistake people make when they apply a new film onto a device?

Most common mistake? From my experience people are to eager to put on a screen protector onto device without watching any installation guide.

-          How should a device be transported to avoid scratching the screen?  Does it need its own carrying case, or can I just throw into my pocket or brief case?
The best way to avoid scratching the screen while transported is to put on a screen protector. You do not need a carrying case to protect the screen. However, if you want to protect your whole device I would suggest a carrying case with screen protector film together.  
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