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      What inspired you to create this business?

We were going out in LA, and saw that there was a new item that everyone was talking about: the electronic cigarette.  My partner Rudy Halioua is a famous French designer in LA, we came up with an idea to define this new product as the new must have fashion accessory for 2014.

     Can you explain to us what Ophis Vape is?

Ophis is a premier luxurious electronic cigarette we are the first vaporizer constructed with leather.  We want to change the perception of Ecigs being used only as an alternative cigarette but making it a really trendy fashionable item. 

Where did the name Ophis come from?

Ok time for you to get a free mythology Greek lecture.   According to the legend the epic love between Apollo and Coronis brought the birth of Asclepius.  He became the god of medicine and healing.  His power came about from his magical rod, a snake-entwined staff.  Ophis [Snake in old Greek] was born.

Can you also explain what your program Nicoless is about?
     Nicoless is a membership program.  Members will get a new package of eliquid every month (a choice of flavored oil which you fill inside your electronic cigarette) with their adjusted level of nicotine.  Our customer will be smoking Eliquid with 0 mg of nicotine at the end of their membership. We want a real partnership with our customers, electronic cigarettes are not easy to use for everyone, and we want to emphasize our customer service to answer every questions and concerns.   
   What are some of the health reasons for using your product other than cigarettes?
      Even if FDA is still studying the impact of electronic cigarettes on people’s health and debates are getting intense across the world. One thing is sure ecigs and vaporizer are better than the traditional cigarette.  They are safer because there is no tobacco in the product, there is also no burning when being smoked. When you take away the tobacco and combustion then you are taking away the bulk of the problem. And a big plus is in the long term you will be saving a great deal of money.

We would like to thank you so much for this interview, we wish you the best of luck with your business. To smoke safely please go to:

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