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Hello all we are totally excited to do this interview with THE COLLATERALS! Let's get started with the interview!

1. What inspired you to start this business?
I always had a passion for accessories which boost one's attire, as social effects do for movies. In a competitive world looking your best could make or break an opportunity it was very important for me to design products that would create an impression on a clients mind, or simply a job interview by wearing something, classy, yet unusual to our everyday life. On my past job I used to travel internationally doing sales and seminars, so imagine everyone was in a suit, tie and cufflinks , so right there a formal elegant attire became uniform, a copy , nothing special aside from the topic we were preaching about. 
This is why I turned my passion to modern looking accessories that would add personality and luxury to an ordinary attire, so I came up with the idea of Collar-links collar fasteners. I realized that the shirt collar had been neglected for too long and all accessories were bound to the cuffs and tie, let's face it, the shirt collar is 90% more visible than cufflinks, so I designed the Patent Pending; Collar-Links collar stays, a Flux Quantum charged stud that surpasses any magnetic accessory magnetic pull force in the
market today thus offering a solution to tame an inadequate shirt collar into submission as well as giving the wearer the ability to transform their collar into different styles with no alteration to the shirt needed at the same time displaying the luxury of a top designer product as has been a very repeated complement when people ask if what I am wearing on my collar is by David Yurman, Mont Blanc, this is very flattering to me. Recently I launched PROMETHEUS the only fold-able-locking capable cufflinks with great success.

2. What items do you offer?
At the moment my collection offers Collar-Links collection as well as the PROMETHEUS locking cufflinks collection and ready to launch new exciting product December 20th 2014.

3. What are your top selling items?
I must say' Collar-Links has been amazing, it has proven there was a big void in men's furnishing are. Prometheus fold-able cufflinks are gaining big attention by the modern male.

4. where are your items sold? Launching in three different Bloomingdale's department stores has been a God's blessing, at the moment the products are part of the accessory assortment at Bloomingdale's locations such as; Miami Falls, Orlando as well as Bergen Plaza, riverside.

5.Can you give our readers some styling tips with your cuff links , collar links and tie links?
I urge readers looking to expand the possibilities wear a shirt by styling their shirt collar in different looks possible by Collar-Links , you may go from a few different Button-down looks to Collar-Bar British tab collar style by simply rearranging the studs over your collar wings, making the routine of wearing a shirt a novelty. In regards to Cufflinks, COLLATERALS Cufflinks reinvent the way cufflinks fasten your shirt cuffs by eliminating loose and baggy cuffs as is the case with traditional ordinary cufflinks.

I want to thank THE COLLATERALS for choosing us to do your interview. Wish you the best of luck with your business.

Thanks Dolls!

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