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Hello all , today we are interviewing The Volt Report! a new blog that blogs about technology and more!

1.How did you come up with the concept to create this blog?

I created this blog The Volt Report after reading up on the technology of today. I read amazing articles on a variety of amazing innovative things and would like to help people see these devices of the future from my perspective share the radness!

2,What are some of the topics you blog about?

I blog about electric cars, solar panel devices, innovative architecture, and anything new and amazing I may come across. One of the topics I covered back in September was on Auranova Bluetooth Necklace which I thought looked cute and would be great for a business women on the go.

3.Who are your typical readers?

Our typical readers go from teens to tech geeks and geezers. Really our viewers are genuinely people interested in the future of technology.

4.How can your blog post help your readers?

With The Volt Report readers will be well informed on environmentally friendly products, the latest smart clothes, jewelry, purses. It will help create a broad idea of what is new ways to help around the world with issues such as clean water, education, and electricity sources.

5.For bloggers that want to do this as a career can you give some tips on how you started out?

As the producer to I learned that content is key. I looked at the sites that inspired my blog and strives to make my content unique, in that I learned the richer your content the more viewers subscribe. The struggles of having a website is making sure you deliver good content as well as keep it available 24/7. I would suggest making your site acceptably professional and create pages(twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.) for your page and get you that fan club.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to interview with us. Good luck with your blog!

Go to The Volt Report Today!

Thanks Dolls

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