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I super sure my readers will love this. Especially people that are looking to improve skills or learn new ones. At Skillshare you can learn how to Design, advertise, Music, fashion & style and much more for a great low price. Learn or brush up on your skills and make more money! Let’s get started with our interview, please read carefully on how to get started.

1.       What inspired you to create your class "Composites: Create original Looks From Stylized Photos" at Skillshare? I really love fashion illustration and I did't see anyone showing a method on how to create their own fashion looks without seeking out a reference that a million other people had already drawn as they saw it. Composites are a great way to that by using photos as reference. You have more control over the elements you like in your designs. This can be use for when creating a mood board or even illustrating a room.

2.      Can you show us some examples of what a composite is? Of course! Here are some examples of some composites. 

Though I initially intended to concentrate on the human figure, I am showing a room example as I am sure interior designers could use this skill for mood board production. In the course I show you how to use Photoshop to construct it. I even show you how to exaggerate some parts of the figure to make your piece more stylized as most fashion illustrators do. The composite is a point of reference, something new and unique for you to draw.

3.      How would a person sign up for a class? You can visit the link to the class at unt code CHIC50 to enroll in my class and get 50% off! Offer expires November 1 CLICK HERE and click “Enroll now!” and your readers can use this exclusive offer disco6th for the first 100 students.

4.      Do you have on-line and off line classes? As of right, this is my only class and it is online.

5.      If someone wanted to start their fashion illustration career, can you give them a few tips? Draw everyday. Drawing is a skill and it gets better everytime you use it. My class will encourage you to draw and develop your own personal style!

I want to thank you for this interview and wish you all the luck with your business. To get started with this new class  go to:CLICK HERE

Thanks Dolls!

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