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Okay so your blog is growing. More post , more interest from the fashionistas out there. Its now time to get more things done on the blog such as, SEO, blog posts, visitors, members, ad space. Soon the only thing you will be doing is working on your blog. I started out blogging 2 times a week sometimes one. I had other business and a 9-5. I was working on, but now that my blog is growing, blog post, SEO, interviews and much more my time is taken up by my blog only. So I had to figure out how to lighten the load. You do not need anything left untouched unless your business will not make it. I am so excited to see how the traffic is growing on our site day by day. This is something you must keep track of. You also need help with graphics and most importantly accounting. What about days of?. You of course need them just like everyone else including sick days, vacation days. Here is a list of what you may need to hire for to help you with your business.

  • Writers
  • accounting
  • graphic design
  • app developer
  • social media manager
  • ad sales person
  • community manager
  • copy writer
  • Publicist
  • web developer
  • virtual assistant

Now you will need all of these things to function correctly if your blogging as a business.
Here are some places you can go on-line to find them.

Thanks Dolls....Happy Blogging!

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