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A career in fashion is more than just fun and glamour, it’s the most challenging, educational, and creative endeavor you will ever embark on.  There are so many factors to take into consideration before you make a decision on whether or not fashion is the right for you. After researching your options and assessing your talents, you’ll then focus on what it is exactly that you find you excel the most in. The fashion industry has a multitude of positions available to you, there are even positions that are needed but haven’t been invented yet; that is where YOU come in. Maybe you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, but you will have to work diligently at what you do best in order to be the best at what you do!  The competition is real and fierce, the only way you will stand out is if you stay focused, and utilize your skills every opportunity you can. The design industry has a stepping order; first you will crawl, and then you will stand tall and strong. Doing internships is the best way to make connections and of course gain experience. It’s up to you to decide just how much “interning” is enough. Never be so desperate to work in fashion that you end up slaving away and not getting a position in return. There are actually companies (very well-known ones) that are notorious for working their interns to the bone and then passing them off to the next power house to do the exact same. I urge you to be smart and not only take but go after opportunities with ferocity and confidence. The industry is cut throat, but then again what industry isn't? The best advice that anyone who’s worked in fashion can give you is this….BE POLITE, DON’T GOSSIP OR DOWN TALK FORMER OR PRESENT EMPLOYERS, and BELIVE IN YOURSELF AND WORK. Ultimately no one is better than you, no one can do what you do like you do it, and you will definitely make your mark in this world.

Thanks Dolls!

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New Social Media PR Company!We have been working over the past 2 years repaving and changing owners . Apparel 1977 Media PR has changed hands and the new owner is Tisha Robinson. She has now build a new company and team that will help you with your Social Media needs. We will continue to work with our clients and now bring on new clients and build our team. We welcome everyone to our new company and look forward to a great new year!

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