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Here is our Interview with Anya Furman:

Hello all I am here with senior fashion designer Anya Furman for the Sarafan Fashion Design studio. I am so excited to be doing this interview with you today!
1. Can you tell us how you got started?
-) Actually I've been into fashion forever and it was just the most natural thing turning this into a business. My grandma was between the most famous couturier in the URSS, dressing the political and military classes of those times. My mother as well ran a local fashion brand and outsourced design for other companies too.
What kind of services you offer?
-) My studio is specialized into fashion design, brand development, redevelopment, trend research, fabric design but you can have a better idea and find detailed information in my company's website. 
2. Where is your studio located? (state, country)
-) Our headquarter is located between Milano and Torino in one of the most characteristic and historically rich areas in Italy that inspired the most famous artists in Europe since the times of the Renaissance .
3. What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
-) I belong to a fashion design and production family. Since I was a child I spent majority of time in my grandma's atelier between fabric rolls, sewing machines and used to play with any fashion developing tool I took in my hands: needles, scissors, chalk, as if I was a famous stylist. I enjoyed my time having fun and same time learning the basics of fashion design and production.
4. If someone would like to follow your career how would they do so?
-) work, study, dedication and passion
5. How can someone get your services?
-) Just feel free to reach me at the present contacts that you can find in my company's website : 
Thank you so much for this interview, I wish luck with your business and thank you again.

Tisha Baily- fashion

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