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Accounting for your blog or online fashion business made easy!

On our blog we are adding more topics such as creating fashion businesses and fashion blogging with this in mind you would need a great accountant to help you with your accounting needs to keep your business in order. We did an interview with expert in business accounting for small businesses Emma Simpson.

1.Hello Emma I see that you have an accountant business that offers Accountant work for a lower price which is really great for small businesses and larger businesses also. What services do you offer?
It’s our mission to offer affordable accountancy services to all businesses across the UK regardless of size. To answer your question we offer a complete range of accounting services including Company Accounts, Corporation Tax, Self Assessment Tax Returns, Payroll and PAYEE and importantly tax planning and company structures. We will complete all of your accountancy work and you can rest assured that we have the experience and qualifications you need.

2. What made you start this business?
I was tired of seeing small businesses paying large fees to accountants and in some cases the fees charged would be as large as turnover for a number of extremely small businesses. This just didn't seem right to me so I decided to do something about it and to offer a unique service whereby all companies of any size can afford a highly skilled accountant. I wanted to change the accounting industry and change the perception that all accountants are expensive. I’m a firm believer that small business can benefit from the services of a good accountant and denying these skills due to cost and affordability doesn't sit comfortably with me. After all, it takes less time and effort to complete the accounts of a small company and the fee should reflect this.

3. What are your rates?
Our rates a restructured around business turnover and the higher the turnover the greater the fee. We believe that we have the lowest fees in the country and we often check the fees charged by our competitors to ensure that the fees we charge remain very competitive. My view is simple: if we can do the same work at a cheaper rate then why wouldn't business owners choose our service above that provided by other accountants? We have the same experience and qualifications as other accountants so the choice seems like a simple one to me.
We decided some time ago to reduce our rates further for all businesses with turnover under £10,000. This is because we recognize that it can take time to grow a business and sometimes the first year of trading might not be as profitable as you had hoped for.

4.Do you also offer business to businesses across the UK?
Yes we do work with all businesses across the UK and the best part is our fee doesn't change regardless of what part of you the country you conduct business. Due to the fact that we operate online we are able to offer our services to anyone and everyone and geographical constraints don’t impact upon the service we provide.

5. How would a business sign up with your company?
Our sign up process is very straight forward and a business owner can either complete our online quotation form or simply send an email to our email address which is displayed on the homepage of our website. We can also take care of the switching process for any business who wishes to change accountants and move to our service.

Emma we would like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. It is very important if you have a business or if your just starting one to get an accountant, go to:

Thanks Dolls!

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