30 April 2013

Our fav Etsy pic of the day

Vintage style earrings 8.00 on Etsy . Our fav of the day!

24 April 2013


This DIY project was done by: Glitter and Glue.

I sooo loved this project. Its really cute and creative.
So you would get a couple of brooch pieces. Really Flashy diamond like look. They must have back closures. Safety pins, a silver chain and a jewelry hook on the end.
connect the brooches with the safety pins and connect them one by one together. When your done add the hood to the chain and the chain to the end of the brooch pieces that are linked together and walla! A high end fashion piece that cost you $5 at most! you can get flashy brooches from your house or buy them from eBay.
For more visit:



What is it?: A fashionable DIY laptop case.
Made by who?: I SPY DIY

Love this project by I SPY DIY. Very simple!
What's needed? Any pattern you would like. You can match it up with your outfits.
Get a ribbon that would go with the pattern.
Get a cheap laptop cover.
You would then get craft glue, glue the cloth to the laptop cover, then glue the ribbon to the newly covered laptop. And there you go! A new glammed up laptop cover. You can also add the spike look to give it a more retro look gold or silver, you can get the spikes from eBay. Use the same craft glue to glue the spikes to the laptop cover.

For the actual video go to:

Thanks Dolls!




Equipment bohemian blouse, $380 / Vince wide leg pants / Mikuti leather necklace / Essie nailpolish


What is it? Link chain bracelet.
By who? Stripes and Sequins
Hello Dolls, make this cute and easy chain bracelet. You can do the same color chain bracelets or you can do 2 different colors. All that is needed is 2 link chain bracelets, which you can purchase from eBay, leather strings. Be creative with the leather color. Take the strings and braid them through the chain bracelets. Braid them together. The strings should go in and out, tightly until both bracelets are tied together. That's it!, thanks Stripes and Sequins.